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Thank You, Texas Young Lawyers Association Past-President Natalie Koehler and the 2011 TYLA Board for your film project "The Unconcious Truth" now available on DVD and at  Contact TYLA at 800-204-222 ext. 1529 to request a copy.  This is a film that highlights the dangers of teen binge drinking - perfect to incorporate into high school and community alcohol education programs!

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Shelby, you've gone too soon.
A life, vibrant, colorful and cherished.
I never knew you,
but I've made sure my children do.
Your picture brightens their room.
Death, cloaked in sadness offers this hope:
that your message, your life...
a lesson learned.

                     Thank you,

Joe P. Beauchamp, Texas



Why Do Teens Drink Alcohol? Click Here for Important Information on Teen Risk Taking

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Thank you, Shelby's Aunt Belinda for making this logo

 PLEASE READ THIS  -  The Bottom Line:  
Alcohol poisoning, once occured, cannot be reversed with stomach pumping as the alcohol has already (very quickly) been absorbed into a person's blood and brain.  The key indicator is that the person, although appearing asleep, cannot be roused.  A person in normal sleep can be awakened.  A person suffering from alcohol poisoning cannot.  In this case, if you see a person passed out who cannot be roused, you MUST get immediate emergency care.  The alcohol in the brain will begin to shut down vital organs first targeting breathing.  If breathing stops, your heart then stops from lack of oxygen and death will occur.  When Shelby was found, she still had a heart beat but had stopped breathing and couldn't be revived.  Emergency care for alcohol poisoning includes mechnical assistance with breathing (intubation, a breathing tube) if necessary.  If the poisoned person can keep breathing their body will rid itself of alcohol over time and they will most likely survive.  If you think that a person is simply "sleeping it off" and in fact they are poisoned (remember, can you rouse them?) they might slowly cease breathing and die.  In addition, there is a separate chance they might vomit in their sleep and choke. Do not take these chances!  Get emergency care for any person you cannot rouse from an alcohol-induced sleep.  Every time.  Every second counts.  Do not fail to get medical aid .  .  .
Breaking News:
Please download (click below) and read a 10 page article about our family, Shelby and Shelby's Rules in the April, 2011 edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine.  Thank you, writer Andrea Todd and all the Good Housekeeping editors for helping to educate our communities about the dangers of teen alcohol use .  .  .
Congratulations, Debbie, for your nomination by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, one of 20 citizens nominated nationwide, for your work on the Shelby's Rules Foundation to educate our communities on the dangers of teen alcohol use.  Although I know you do not seek recognition, we hope national recognition of this national problem will increase educational efforts.
Please invite Debbie to your community to speak to your children.  She will be happy to do. 



Click here to email Debbie with requests for appearances, orders of promotional materials and with stories of how her presentation may have helped educate about alcohol poisoning in your community. Or, call Debbie at 530-524-4252.


Show Initiallly Aired Friday 11-12-10



Please Read Courtney's Message and other new letters to see Education Works! - Click Here and scroll toward the bottom of the page!

Scott Eugene Roberts

TRAGEDY STRIKES ANOTHER FAMILY  -  16 year old Scott Roberts died from acute alcohol poisoning after drinking alcohol with several friends during a sleepover on June 22, 2009.  Scott's heart breaking story is very similar to Shelby's:  a sleepover, teen friends, no adult supervision and no one called for medical help.  Thank you to Scott's Mom and Dad, Ursula and Steve Roberts, for sponsoring Debbie to present to students at Scott's high school.  A big thanks to the administration at San Marcos High School for wanting to educate their students after losing one of their own.  We should not be losing fine young people like Scott simply because their friends don't know they are poisoned, not just sleeping, and that 911 must be called.

Debbie presenting at San Ramon Valley HS. For faster loading select 360p.

Alcohol Poisoning Survivor - Halloween 2009
Thank you, Jon Bell and mom Jackie for speaking out. Click on Jon's picture to read his story.

Alyssa was with Shelby that night . . . .
Click on Alyssa's picture to read her story . .



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ER Final Episode Aired on April 2, 2009 including the alcohol poisoning story in memory of Shelby .  .  .          Thank you Executive Producer John Wells and NBC!

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